Why Your Company Needs a New Logo

Your business logo is a crucial aspect of your brand identity. A well-designed logo tells your story and what your business stands for. If you don’t have a strong design, people may develop negative perceptions about your brand.

Since things rarely stay the same in any business, staying up-to-date with everything happening within your industry and continually positioning yourself ahead of the curve is one of the smartest ways to maintain success, including logo design!

Your Logo is Too Complicated Intricate and detailed logos may look great at first glance, but they aren't practical and don't register well with customers. The more details there are in a logo, the harder it will be for the logo to appear correctly on different materials and/or resized. It's essential for the logo to be identified quickly and that it remains clear and unpixelated at any size.

Your Logo is Not Versatile Today, logos are used across a wide range of platforms, and not many of them are tailored to look good in each one. A logo should be able to function across all platforms while still consistently representing your business.

Your website logo may not work for the mobile version, printed documents, social media profiles, etc. Being able to use the various parts of your logo gives you flexibility to accommodate the dimensions of some of the most common display places today.

You Have an Outdated Logo Today, numerous editing tools can be used to create modern logos, so if your logo was created with an old software that isn't being used today, it's time to update!

Working with an outdated logo is bad for your identity. If your logo design includes elements of faux realism or has a glossy or emboss effect, you are out of sync with the modern trends.

You Only Have a .Jpeg File It is not uncommon for businesses to start out with just a JPEG file of their logo, and sometime files get deleted or misplaced. However, every business should have the following logo files: .ai .png .jpeg .pdf .eps

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