Why Websites Are a Great Investment

There are hundreds of custom and template-based websites being launched everyday. While working from a template may be cheaper and faster, templates often have limited features which can be an issue when you want to upgrade your site as your business grows.

It's hard to make a website look branded when another business has the exact same look. A custom website may be a big investment at first, but for a company to thrive in a competitive market. it will be more beneficial and cost-effective in the long run.

Stand Out A custom branded website is your first impression, it allows you to have an online and unique presence that is an accurate reflection on your company as a whole. Your website should be the hub for all other modes of communication and marketing you use to engage and educate your audience.

The design of your website should tell the story behind your business; it should look like it belongs to your company even if the user doesn't see the name or company logo. Additionally, building a custom website allows you to have influence over the website functionality and features so you can more easily make tweaks to improve user engagement and conversations.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) A free or template-based website may not be set-up to help maximize your SEO. Custom website design usually includes having a professional work on the front-end SEO, creating keywords and content that search engines value (like Google). This increases traffic to your site while increasing your rank.

Custom website design is important for showcasing the uniqueness of your business and brand. Is your website ready? If not, contact RPS Creative Group at info@rpsbrands.com to schedule a FREE consultation. #websitdesign #businessinvestment #investment #branding #marketing