Top 3 Website Trends for 2020

It's no surprise that website design trends are constantly changing.This year, the possibilities are endless with designers playing with extremes and experimenting with new techniques while the popular styles, like minimalism and colorful illustrations are, here to stay. So, what's new?

Here are the top 3 website design trends for 2020.

Hand Drawn Illustrations and Other Elements Your website tells your story, and hand drawn illustrations and icons that are tailored to your brand shows off your brand personality, making you stand out from other competitors.

You'll see a lot of messy-looking elements in 2020. The imperfectionism of hand drawn elements inject emotion and humanity into websites, which visitors find appealing.

White Space The days of full bleed layouts are over for some web designers. They're gravitating towards solid structures and finding creative ways to play with white space.

White space has always been an important design principal, providing a breathe of fresh air and structure to a website. You'll be seeing harmonious, clean designs with expertly executed typography and images that appear to be floating in space, leaving the remaining visuals large, bold, and colorful.

Mixing Photography and Graphics Mixing photography with graphics and illustrations communicates a customized message, making your brand stand out.

This collage-like trend of overlapping graphics on top of real photographs creates a memorable visual and adds charm, especially to stock photos.

Tip: Add cartoon squiggles for something more playful, or geometric illustrations for something more sophisticated.

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