Tips for Adding Background Video

Background video has integrated itself into the web design world and it’s not going away anytime soon. It creates a really engaging and eye catching element and we have it on our website too. ( Let’s discuss a few things to consider prior to adding it to your website.

Don’t go overboard!

A little movement can be unexpected and polarizing while too much movement can be annoying. Keep it simple. The goal is to enhance your user’s experience and not to annoy them and increase the bounce rate on your website.

Bigger isn’t always better!

If your video fills the entire screen, incorporate additional information and elements to break it up. Regardless of the type of video, you want to allow the user to be able to easily move on to additional important information on your website.

Be consistent!

Remember the 3 C’s? (If not click here to read) As we mentioned above, the video that you add should be relevant to your brand and your website. It should make sense and be consistent with your brand, product/service and the overall feel of the website.

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