The End of Google+

Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., announced that they will slowly start shutting down their social network Google+, for consumers; officially ending it by August 2019. The decision to end the service came down to two main factors: low user engagement and a recent security breach.

The Security Breach

A privacy lapse was discovered in March 2018 that gave developers access to over 500,000 private profiles and their personal data. Google says there is no evidence that developers were aware of the bug so they can not confirm or deny that any data was misused. Google chose not to disclose this information to their users in fear of regulatory scrutiny.

Failed Expectations

Google+ launched in 2011 in hope of competing with Facebook. At first it was praised for having a clean interface and useful photo features but it never gain the traction and popularity that they had hoped for. Google revealed that 90% of user sessions lasted less than 5 seconds with an average of 3 minutes per month, compared to Facebook user sessions averaging at 405 minutes a month.

Although it's the end of the road for Google+ consumers, the company said they keep it open to corporate consumers as an internal discussion network. Information including ways users can download and move their data will be available in the near future.

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