The Best April Fools' Day Branding Pranks of 2019

The April Fools' campaigns were out in full bloom yesterday, where many brands can't resist the centuries old tradition by offering promotions that are either preposterous or too good to be true. Here are some of the best (and worst) branded April Fools Pranks of 2019.

Hello Fresh: Unicorn Box Food delivery service Hello Fresh announced they have launched a unicorn box option, "The only meal kit that lets you eat like a mythical creature"

Hello Fresh April Fools Day 2019

Google Tulip

Google tells the story of how Google Tulip has created "a breakthrough in human-plant communication." This development "allows" you to talk to your tulips, and discover just what it is they are thinking about. Spoiler alert: sunshine, soil and water.

McDonalds: Milkshake Sauce Pods McDonalds teased introducing new milkshake-flavored ”shake sauces” as “a sweet new way to dip.”

Hasbro: Mr. Avo Head Hasbro claimed Mr. Potato had been “given the sack” in favor of the new hipster toy Mr. Avo Head. He's a plastic avocado whose removable pieces include Buddy Holly glasses, a beard, a top knot, and headphones.

REI: Pet Ventures REI themed its April Fools' to our furry (and not exactly furry) friends. It includes Glamping for Cats to Kayaking for Betta Fish, this offers “active adventures design with pets in mind.”

Formula One: New Racers

Formula One announced a “new breed of racing” in a tweet on Monday, which will feature canine race drivers, such as a pitbull named “Max Fetchstappen”, that promises to be “Faster. Fiercer. Furrier.”

We hope you had a great April Fools' Day and remember to take every announcement with a grain of salt!

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