Brochure Design Tips

Designing a brochure takes time and can be well worth your time- with the proper planning. Follow these tips to design a brochure that looks great and catches your audience’s attention! #1 Know Your Audience – Know who you are trying to attract and make the design reflect their needs and style. Is your audience older or younger?

#2 Top Notch Graphics & Images – Sometimes you have to use stock images but when it’s avoidable- take your own pictures! Hiring a professional, like RPS Creative Group, is affordable and will pay off resulting in multiple images to add to your company’s image library for future promotions.

#3 Call-To-Action – Just like adding a call-to-action on your digital ads, it’s equally as important to add one to your brochure. Make it clear and stand out, whether it’s a phone number, coupon or any other call-to-action.

#4 Design for Printing – Hiring a professional to design your brochures will result in this being a no brainer. But if you are doing this yourself, design in CMYK color and consider the bleeds, trim lines and how your text and images will look across the folds and breaks.

#5 Proof – Did you proof everything. If so, do it again and again and then maybe one more time. Once you print, there is no going back!

Are you ready to hire a professional to design your brochures? RPS Creative Group will make sure that your branding is consistent, and your message is clear. Call us at (515) 499-4837 or email us at info@RPSbrands.comm

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