Logo Evolution of 5 Famous Brands

Logos are a company's recognition tool for the public. If designed properly, customers can easily identify a brand by their logo, associating it with the products and services of that company.

Many major brands redesign their logo from time to time to modernize it. Usually, a new logo is unveiled when the brand takes on a new approach or direction with their products and services. This often causes mixed reactions from the public.

Take a look at a few of the most well-known companies around the world and how their logo has changed over time.

Nike: Minimalism at its finest. Nike use to include its name, but now the distinctive 'Swoosh" is used on its own.

Pepsi Pepsi’s original logo was red script on white, and as of 2011, the striped circle stands alone.

Cannon Canon's first logo depicted the Buddhist’s Goddess of Mercy sitting on a lotus flower, with her thousands of arms and surrounded by flame. That logo was progressively refined till 1956, when it becomes the logo we see today.

Walmart Walmart started with a simple logo of only its brand name in 1962. In 2008, they used both caps and small caps to spell out the brand name, included their tagline and placed a yellow star-like symbol on the side.

Apple The first Apple logo was created in 1976, featuring the famous scene of how Sir Issac Newton discovered gravity, sitting beneath an apple tree. Since 2013, it's been a solid colored apple.

Some of the most recent logo trends are flat, minimalist, and wider spacing. Most people don’t like change but change, as they say, is inevitable.

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