It's Time to Update Your Keywords!

Think about the last time you searched for something on Google. Did you just enter a single word or was it longer and more descriptive? It’s very common now for searchers to enter more information into their search engine to find what they are looking for. Someone used to type in “bikes”, but now they type in “boy’s bmx bikes”.

Being more descriptive, means more accurate results and Google is getting more accurate at displaying content that matches it. So how can you use this information to help increase the traffic to your website?

The answer is simple- if searchers are being more specific, then you need to be just as specific when choosing your keywords. If you sell vacuums, previously you would’ve used keywords like vacuum, vaccum repair. But now you should enter longer and more descriptive words like, vacuum for hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner repair in Waukee, or kenmor vacuum bags.

Another easy way to incorporate these long keywords and in a very organic way is to have a blog. Never underestimate the power of the blog!

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