Inbound Marketing. Are You Doing It?

Inbound Marketing. Doesn’t ring a bell? Chances are, you’re already doing a little bit of inbound marketing and we are going to tell you how to do it even better!

Inbound marketing is a strategy that is directly aimed at specific members of your target market with an end goal of attracting new business. Instead of casting a wide net and hoping to catch whatever gets in the net, your fishing with a much smaller net trying to catch that very specific kind of fish. So how do you get use this in your business?

Identify your target market – Gather as much information about your target market as possible. Are they male, female or can it be either? Find out what they are interested in and how they shop. The more you can find out, the easier it is to create content that they will enjoy.

To hashtag or not to hashtag – Identifying your target market will help decide the way you communicate. If you are targeting millennials, then you have to speak the language. Your grandma probably thinks # is a pound and not a hashtag. Know your audience!

Keep your website updated and practice good SEO – Your customers will trust you when they can easily find your website. Keep it up dated with the current design trends to show that your business is also current.

Write newsletters and a blog – Newsletters are great for reaching potential clients and as you develop different groups of contacts, send different newsletters that are more likely to appeal to that group.

Freebies and discounts – Who doesn’t love freebies and discounts? Your customers love them too. Entice new customers by offering a free or discounted service or product. If what your selling is great, they will come back for more!

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