How Important is a Logo?

A logo is an image, text or both, and aids in a brand’s public recognition. When you have really succeeded, the image is so familiar that the brand is recognized by the image alone. Think, Nike’s swoosh symbol, the mermaid for Starbucks, or even the golden arches of McDonalds.

Does my business need a logo?

Every business needs a logo. Having a well-designed and professional logo builds trust. Most times, the first impression is developed from the moment they see your logo. A great logo will tell your customers that you excel at what you do while a poorly designed logo conveys lack of ability and know-how in turn, making customer lose confidence and trust in your service and products.

What are some key elements for a good logo?

Text: If you use text, it must be clear, clean and simple. When designing it, think about how it would look from a far distance on a sign, how it would look embroidered on uniforms, or even how it will look on TV. Consider all the possibilities!

Colors: Keep the color choices to a minimum. Try to stay away from gradients and choose bold and solid color choices. Make sure you know the Pantone number, the hex number and the CMYK- knowing these will mean the logo will always be printed with the correct color(s). Be consistent!

How do I get a great logo?

Unless you have the experience, have it professionally designed. After spending all of this time discussing the importance of a good logo, why would you want to take a chance on a poor design.

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