Customer First Approach = Loyal Clients and Sales!

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

Businesses that put their customers' needs first are rewarded with loyal customers, credibility, respect, and referrals

FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER Whether you are on your first date, a job interview, or meeting your new in-laws for the very first time, a person’s initial experience influences their long-term impressions. In terms of customer relationships, that first impression comes in the form of sales. How you handle yourself has lasting implications on your company.

PRIORITIZE CUSTOMER NEEDS Converting new customers used to be the end goal, but now that’s no longer enough. By working to win customer loyalty, your company will open the opportunity for future sales and turn customers into advocates for your company (free advertising!). Customer advocates are the backbone to repeat business and referral business.

MAINTAINING THE CUSTOMER FIRST APPROACH UNDER PRESSURE It is easy to fall into the trap of putting a priority on the quantity of clients vs. the quality of clients a business has. This can happen when there is high pressure to “make the sale”. This strategy may appear like success at first glance but can come back to bite a company in the long run. Bringing on customers that aren’t a good fit for the product or service a business is selling can end in disaster and are almost a guarantee for disappointment. This can ruin a company and its brand with bad reviews and dissatisfied consumers. Sales sets the tone for the entire customer experience. By taking the time to understand what customers need and set them on the right path early on, companies can lay the foundation for an incredibly loyal relationship.


  • Ask what the customer wants.

  • Ensure that your customers get easy access to every single one of your products and services at all times.

  • Deliver on your promises!

  • Acknowledge your customers for the business that they give you, for buying from you, and for using your products and service year-in and year-out.

  • Reward your customers from time to time.

  • Allow customers and clients to easily leave you feedback.

  • Make sure that being customer-oriented is not part of your organization’s strategy, but is your culture!

  • Adapt and change with time. Your customers and their needs, wants, and requirements are changing all the time. So should your products, services and your solutions.

Staying at the top is not impossible – all it requires is taking constructive steps and remaining customer minded. The results may not be apparent overnight, but with the right mindset and patience you will indisputably witness positive results.

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