Business Cards are Still Important!

Business owners use many different avenues to market their business. Some use just emails and website portfolios but many have one thing in common – business cards. It may be surprising to some that business cards are still an important part of marketing when we live in such a digital world. Of all the things that have been digitally replaced, the business card is just one item that can’t be replicated by technology.

Here are some reasons why business cards are still a large part of marketing success:

  • They are More Personal

Swapping phone numbers either in person or over email might seem fast and convenient but it is also very impersonal. The best way to create a personal connection is by talking in person and making eye contact with your potential client. Hand delivering a business card jump starts a personal conversation and allows you the opportunity to talk about your services.

  • Creates a Good First Impression

A well-designed business card gives a sense of professionalism as well as establishes validity of your business.

  • Business Cards Attract Attention

Business cards that are creatively designed are attractive. Not only do they draw attention to your name, contact information, and service/product that you offer, they also tell your business's story by showing your personality with a little flare.

  • They are Shareable

Because a business card is a physical object, is it the only thing that a potential client takes with them after you meet. Most people who only exchange numbers and information over the phone don’t end up going back to that information. That connection typically ends right there. But if you hand a creatively designed business card to someone, they are more likely to run across it repeatedly reminding them of your business. A business card is more likely to be shared with others.

Quick Tips for Business Cards:

  • Always have them with you.

  • Make sure that your card is unique, creative, and reflects the personality of your business.

  • Put in extra effort when you are handing your business cards out.

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