2019 Website Design Trends

A lot changes over 12 months in the web design world and knowing the difference between a trend and a passing fad is very important. 2019 will be about optimizing user experience, simple design, asymmetrical layouts, immersive video backgrounds, and more.

Video Backgrounds Minimalism and flat design isn't for every website. Although video backgrounds were a big trend in 2018, its modernism and sleekness will continue to be popular in 2019. Videos have been shown to increase conversation and grab the user's attention, making them stay longer on your site which is great for your SEO.

Asymmetrical Layouts 2019 is all about thinking outside the box, or the grid. Although many web designers push for minimalism, a large number are turning towards the striking look of a broken layout.

The grid system makes it structurally easier for designers when it comes to alignment and consistency. Originally, a broken grid layout has been seen as sloppy or distracting, but today, designers are turning to it as a way to be dynamically different.

Simple In 2018, designers began creating clean and simple websites for optimal mobile performance. Simpler website = faster loading times. This trend is going to carry over to 2019.

Single page design or "page-less" design is another minimalism trend we will see. Designers put minimal content on one page in a hierarchy of importance. Although this may seem bad for the SEO (less pages = harder to rank for particular keywords ), it's cleaner, simpler and easy to update.

User Experience Since 2015, mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches, making Google prioritize user-friendly mobile sites over non-user-friendly mobile sites.

Mobile-first design is a huge trend that is here to stay for awhile. It's changing the way websites are fundamentally designed; web designers can design the mobile website first which in turn also work for the desktop.

Micro Animations These are events with a purpose, to surprise the user and get them to interact with your website more. Every time the user takes an action, it will create a specific response such as a beep or an icon that pops up. This trend will be heavily featured in 2019.

There you have it, these are only some of the trends to come in 2019, but remember, the year has only begun! Trends change all the time and there could be something new in just a few months. Staying on top of these trends and trends to come will keep your website fresh and keep people talking!

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